Lindsay Lohan Scuffles With Congressional Staffer Christian LaBella In Hotel Room, He’s Arrested For Assault, Charges Dropped

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Saturday night was just another typical night for Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan took on a congressional member of staff in her Manhattan hotel causing the cops to intervene, reports The New York Daily News.

The Mean Girls actress was attempting to retrieve photos and videos of her partying the night away from Christian LaBella’s cell phone. LaBella, who works for an Illinois Republican, was initially charged with misdemeanor assault, but law enforcement sources say the charge has already been dropped.

The Mean Girls star was partying at nightclub 1 Oak on Saturday night (September 29, 2012) when she invited a guy she had just met back to her suite at the W Hotel in Manhattan’s Union Square to continue hanging out with her friends. 

However, the late night gathering ended abruptly when Lohan pulled the fire alarm and called the police to her suite after getting into an altercation with the man. The argument was reportedly started after she spotted several photos of herself on his cell phone.

According to local news station NBC New York, the 26 year old claims LaBella grew angry after she confronted him about the snaps, allegedly prompting him to attack Lohan, choking her and throwing her to the ground. A friend of hers came to her aid, and Lohan then pulled a fire alarm for help, prompting LaBella to flee down the hotel’s stairs. The star only sustained minor scratches to her hands and refused medical help.

“She’s very shaken up,” Lohan’s mother, Dina, told the Daily News Sunday afternoon as she looks after her daughter. “Thank God he didn’t have a weapon.” Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig said it was “very distressing and outrageous” that assault charges against LaBella were dropped.

“Lindsay was clearly assaulted, and I think there needs to be a consequence for that.” Any charges were dropped after Lohan refused medical treatment, and appeared to be in full health.