Lindsay Lohan Ruins A Borrowed Dress Worth $1750 [PHOTOS]

Lohan's Best Excuses
They're gems, I tell you
Oh my stars, Lindsay Lohan.  Can you stay out of trouble for a month?  Just one month!

Multiple outlets, both gossip and fashion-based, are up in arms over Lohan’s latest stunt.  She wore a gorgeous beaded Theia gown (worth $1750) to February 6th’s amfAR gala in New York, and then did a little surgery on it so she could dance up in da club.

The Queen Of Style took great offense, because she had worked with the designer in the past. 

Here’s the thing that really chaps my noodle: She borrowed a dress from Theia. A $1750 beaded dress. I’ve met the people behind the brand and I can honestly tell you that they’re extremely nice, very kind and have either loaned dresses toVictoria JusticeCarrie Underwood and the like, and they’ve even designed custom gowns for them.

Charlie Sheen had set Lohan up with stylist Phillip Bloch, who was kind enough to wrangle a “borrowed” dress for Lohan.  “Borrowed,” as in “do not destroy this.  Bring it back in the condition you found it.”

Launch our gallery for more scoop on what happened to that poor dress.