Lindsay Lohan To Take Plea Bargain?

March 20th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is starting to lose confidence in pleading not guilty. She has until Wednesday to decide what her next move is. In the meantime, she is spending time with her family.

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She was presented with a plea bargain, which if she takes, is only 3 months in jail. Which could be shortened due to jail overcrowding. However, if she does not take the plead deal but loses her case she would get more than a year for violating her prohibition and then prison time for felony grand theft.

We will found out on Friday whether she takes the plea bargain or if she will still fight for her innocence. What do you think she should do?

By Nicole McPeck

  1. jean

    plea bargain, spend 1 week in jail & that’s it! Don’t you just love the american justice system?!

  2. evesin0207

    If she were an everyday girl with a regular or court appointed lawyer, she would already be in jail serving her 3 year sentence for petit larceny and that’s that folks!

    Never think for 1 minute that American justice is blind and that celebrity and money doesn’t have a say in the legal system.

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