Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton And Shirtless Men Help Lady Gaga Celebrate Perfume Launch [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga Goes Boom
Lady Gaga falls down and gets right back up again.
Lady Gaga shocked guests at her fragrance launch party in New York City on Thursday night (September 13, 2012) by having a tattoo inked in front of the crowd.

The pop superstar hosted an event at Manhattan’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to mark the release of her first perfume, Fame.

She arrived at the venue in a convertible car, before laying down inside a giant replica fragrance bottle.

The singer called the bizarre show Sleeping With Gaga and invited guests to put their hands inside the space and touch her while she slept.

More details from the party, plus check out video from the event below. 

She later emerged from the bottle wearing nothing but lingerie and then sat down to have a tattoo inked on the back of her head. Gaga recently shaved off the hair at the back of her head in support of her photographer friend Terry Richardson, whose mother died this week, and she filled the space with a tattoo of a winged cherub.

Guests at the party included socialite Paris Hilton, who was spotted hanging out with Lindsay Lohan, Yoko Ono and fashion designer Marc Jacobs.