Lindsay Lohan Needs To Comb Her Hair/Wig Before ‘SNL’ Gig [PHOTOS]

Lohan Lands
The star arrived at LAX.
I almost fell over myself while watching Saturday Night Live this weekend.  Lindsay Lohan is hosting on March 3rd?  What?   She’s doing what?  Are you sure?  Who is the booker for this circus?

Yes, Lohan was a barrel of laughs the last time she was on.  The Harry Potter and Debbie Downer skits are right up there in my memory bank with Ashlee Simpson’s pre-recorded track fumble.  

Lohan, who is sporting a mop of hair that could use a good combing at the American Girl store, stopped to grab a Coca Cola in Beverly Hills today (February 20th).

And to really really confirm the March 3rd date, Lohan’s Twitter profile picture features her hosting gig along with musical guest Jack White.  “Lindsay Lohan is coming back to Saturday Night Live yay !!!” mom Dina Lohan tweeted.

Yayyyyyyy.  Who else is pumped?