Lindsay Lohan Makes Bizarre Appearance On Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

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Lindsay Lohan visits Jimmy Fallon
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Um, okay?

Lindsay Lohan appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday in Fallon’s “Let Us Play With Your Look” segment. Jimmy Fallon sang the words “let us play with your look” throughout the bit as Lohan dons a platinum blond bob and retro glasses.

Stomping down the stairs onto the stage in white knee-high socks, Lindsay picked out an unsuspecting member of the audience and dragged him onto a chair on the stage.

The star didn’t say a word as she put what looked like shortening in an audience member’s hair. As she exited the segment, Lohan pretended to get stuck in the curtain. 

The chat show host later said: “I want to say thank you to the great Lindsay Lohan for helping us out! She’s awesome.”

Thoughts on Lindsay’s segment? Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts!

By Michael Prieve

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