Lindsay Lohan Looks Normal On Her Way To Brazil For Money, Wreaks Havoc On ‘Anger Management’ Set

Oops. Lindsay's Slip!
Lindsay Lohan has a wardrobe malfunction on 'Liz & Dick'
The problem with Lindsay Lohan is as soon as you think she’s getting her shit together, she goes and does something really stupid.

Take, for example, her latest trip to Brazil. The troubled actress was spotted at LAX yesterday (March 27) where she hopped on a plane to Brazil. Why is she going to Brazil? Because apparently she is getting paid bank to go promote some Brazilian clothing line. Good for you Lindsay. Well done. Make some money before you head to rehab on May 2.

So that’s all well and good. Plus, she looked like she showered and everything! So she does that, then she does shit like show up two hours late to the set of Anger Management and not know any of her lines. You may be asking yourself, “But didn’t she do such a great job the first day?” 

Yes! She did! She even showed up early. But according to sources, the second day of filming was not a good one. “She looked and sounded terrible today. It was like night and day. Today was the harder day with more lines. It will just be edited down.” Luckily, she’s still making $100,000 for her cameo from Charlie Sheen himself to pay her back taxes. Adorable.

Well, at least Lindsay’s new beau seems to like her no matter how late she is or how deathish she looks. Think rehab is finally going to do some good for her? Or is it just another waste? Check out all the photos of put-together Lindsay in the gallery and leave us your thoughts in the comments!