Lindsay Lohan Looks Happy In Brazil, Happiness Ends Quickly As She Hides Under A Table [PHOTOS]

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Yes, these are actual Lindsay Lohan quotes.
Oh, Lindsay Lohan. Does someone need to give you a hug?

We know that Lindsay has been in the news quite a bit recently, but that’s only because she’s been nothing but entertaining! Just take Ms. Lohan last night at the red carpet opening of John John’s store in São Paulo. Remember when we said that Lindsay was headed to Brazil to make bank? Apparently this is it!

Everything seemed to be going well on the red carpet for Lindsay. She looked normalish, no one seemed to ask about her whole potentially stealing a bracelet thing and she got to be adored by her fans! Then things got ugly. 

Lindsay and co decided to hit up a local nightclub for a bit of post-red carpet partying. Fun, right? Nope. Not when that night ends with Lindsay hiding under the DJ table to avoid taking photos with fans. Accordign to E! News, the starlet wasn’t even drinking, but boy she does not look good!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Lindsay’s latest faux-pas and her red carpet look. What do we think of this latest insane move? Should she have just taken a picture with her fans and avoided the dirty floor? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!