Lindsay Lohan Keeps It Pretty Tame And Lovely For Terry Richardson

Lindsay's List
Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, Adam goes on.
Listen, I have seen plenty of Terry Richardson photoshoots over the years, and usually there’s something creepy and sexual or shirtless Jared Leto about them.

That’s why his latest photoshoot with Lindsay Lohan has me scratching my head. Sure it’s kinda sexy, but in a lovely sort of way. You’re reminded of just how pretty Lindsay can be and just how much the camera loves her.

Yes, Terry is a creepy dude, but he is making Lindsay look amazing. This is definitely no nipple shoot like that one time

So is this all part of Lindsay’s “I am doing better” tour? She’s posing for Terry, talking with Ellen about her conquest list, shopping with friends–I think this is it, you guys. This is the Lindsay breakthrough we’ve been hoping for. And I could not be more excited.

Now let’s just get her in the sequel to Life Size and all will be well. Launch the gallery to check out some of Lindsay’s photos, then head to Terry Richardson’s website for the rest. Do you agree that they’re rather lovely? Sound off in the comments below!