Lindsay Lohan Is Whimsically Fragile

Lindsay Lohan took a week off of rehab back in November to partake in fashion photographer Adam Secore’s shoot.  Secore is putting on show entitled “Fight and Fable” at the Kana Manglapus Gallery in Venice, CA through February 15th.

Secore told E! News, “Shooting Lindsay was inspirational for me as an artist, she’s so beautiful.  I consider her a muse and a friend. This image evokes whimsy fragility and at the same time depth of character and strength. Both haunting and inspiring at the same time.”

PHOTOS: Check out Lohan’s whimsically puffy lips

So, what do you see when you flip through the gallery?  Are you moved? Does Lohan haunt you?  Don’t you wish she would just shape up?