Lindsay Lohan Is Back On Track, Was A Hit On The Set Of ‘Eastbound & Down’

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Lindsay Lohan poses seductively at Chateau Marmont.
Guys, after years of wanting it, I think it’s finally happened. Lindsay Lohan–the one we knew and loved all those years ago–is back!

After leaving rehab and doing a kick-ass job of hosting Chelsea Lately, Lindsay is continuing her TV appearances. This time, the actress was taking pictures and being awesome on the set of Eastbound & Down. And according to TMZ, awesome was exactly what Lindsay was being.

Sources told TMZ, “Lindsay didn’t just conduct herself professionally while on set this week in North Carolina — showing up on time and memorizing her lines backwards and forwards — she was actually funny too.” 

Why are they surprised! Lindsay is hysterical! And when’s she not getting into car accidents on the way to movie sets, she’s really on top of life. There seems to have been a real change in her after this last stint in rehab. She’s even rumored to have a sober living coach with her most of the time.

Plus! Now she’s going to be keeping us informed on her life with her brand new website. I’m a little bit obsessed with it already. So get excited ya’ll, because Lindsay will be playing Danny McBride’s illegitimate daughter on the series finale.

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