Lindsay Lohan Has New Legal Troubles. Try To Act Surprised. [PHOTOS]

Just when we thought we had a new train wreck in town, (Amanda Bynes, I’m talking to you) and she was making a comeback, Lindsay Lohan goes and puts her foot back in her mouth, and regains her old title of  “hot mess.”

TMZ reports that Lohan will be charged for lying to the police in regards to a car accident that took place in June of this year, in which a Porsche (that Lohan claimed not to be hers) crashed into the back of an 8-Wheeler. Well, according to witnesses, she was.

Now, this would be a problem for a normal person, without any media attention or preceding criminal record. So for Lohan, who does have both of those things, this latest allegation could be the final nail in her diamond-encrusted coffin.

The actress is currently on probation for a jewelry theft charge, and a new charge could be in violation of it. Law enforcement reported that the case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney as early as this week. Worst case scenario, Lohan’s judge from the jewelry case, Stephanie Sautner, could put Lohan in jail for quite some time. It is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about, so it’s a far walk from her house, to the courtroom, to prison. Time will tell what will happen in terms of sentencing.

It seems that lots of new details are emerging on the state of the car accident, such as the reports of prescription pills being scattered throughout the car at the time of the accident, however, Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley was quick to provide some medical documentation as a counter strike or that offence.

I guess we’ll have to watch and see how this all pans out. I guess Lindsay Lohan’s road to redemption is going to be a long and bumpy one.

Check out the gallery to see Lindsay Lohan in New York, before the new details went public.