Lindsay Lohan Hangs With BFFs Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton & Brandon Davis

Lately, all there is to know about Lindsay Lohan is what a complete and total disaster her life has become. She is now being sued by the Betty Ford employee she verbally assaulted and her judge is unimpressed with her lack of hustle in getting community service done. What better way to stay healthy than to hang out with the unhealthy people that used to hate you?

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Seen here, Lindsay Lohan and the seemingly nice Nicky Hilton leave Gladstone’s Restaurant and Bar in Malibu after attending a late night beach party on July 29th. According to Daily Mail, Lindsay was seen falling and being aided by the best friend in the world, Paris Hilton. Not to mention that sweetheart Brandon Davis arrived to show his tremendous support of Lindsay. This is the guy who called her ‘fire crotch’ on that TMZ video a couple years ago. From the look of things, Lindsay is being Lindsay as usual. When is this girl going to find some true friends? She definitely does not have trouble finding fabulous shoes!