Lindsay Lohan Grabs Dinner With New BFF Woody Allen

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No wonder Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need Samantha Ronson anymore–she’s gotten herself a new best friend. 

Lindsay was spotted at Manhattan eatery Phillippe Restaurant with none other than Oscar-winning director, Woody Allen. According to TMZ, the duo have been friends for a while and Woody has been one of her biggest supporters. Now it makes sense why she was talking to him at the amfAR Gala

So, what do you think they talk about? Lindsay’s latest relationship rumors? Woody’s upcoming movie? Maybe they’re thinking of working together?

That last one might be the most correct. While they’ve got nothing slated as of yet, sources tell TMZ that the two would love to work together sometime in the near future. Maybe Lindsay can be his new Diane Keaton or Mia Farrow

So what do you guys think? A match made in film making heaven? Or should Woody just dump her and find another muse? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.