Lindsay Lohan Gives Thanks For Coffee & Cigarettes

Lindsay Lohan clearly gave thanks for her two favorite things during her release from the Betty Ford Center – cigarettes and coffee. The actress was allowed 15 hours to spend with her family on Thanksgiving.

She reportedly drove to Los Angeles and spent the day with her father and then some friends and then returned to the center later in the evening. Dina was attempting a jailbreak, clearly again thinking she’s above the law…

Only two days before the holiday, Dina told reporters she was trying to get Lindsay to visit her in NYC – however, Lindsay is prohibited from leaving the state of California until January 3.

Lohan recently lost her role in the film Inferno to actress Malin Akerman, really making her schedule wide open. But hopefully she just feels that she can focus on her recovery at this point versus worrying about her career. First thing is first.