Lindsay Lohan Gets Graphic For Photographer Tyler Shields [PHOTOS]

Lindsay Lohan posed once again for photographer Tyler Shields, this time with lots o’ blood.  This isn’t the first rodeo for Lohan and Shields, who met at Chateau Marmont and built a relationship via Twitter.  When asked by Art Info why he keeps using Lohan as his subject, Shields explained:

“She’s just so daring. She’s a character in herself and she is very good at it. I shoot her a different way than I think anybody else shoots her, and I think she knows that and I know that and I think we compliment each other very well. People have reserves, they have a little bit of fear and you have to work past that. Some people, they get it and they’re ready to go, and they know what they want to do. Some people, you have to build that with them. With Lindsay she knew immediately like after five minutes of shooting that this is different, this is special. So I want to do something very special.”

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Gets Felt Up For Tyler Shields

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