Lindsay Lohan & Her Fur Coat Hit London Ahead Of Her ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ Debut [PHOTOS]

Oops. Lindsay's Slip!
Lindsay Lohan has a wardrobe malfunction on 'Liz & Dick'
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Lindsay Lohan's Sexy Pose
Lindsay Lohan poses seductively at Chateau Marmont.
Just in case you’ve ever wondered what the inside of Lindsay Lohan’s house is like, fear not! For Bravo is here is to show!

The actress will be making a guest appearance on Bravo’s hit show Million Dollar Decorators, and according to reports it is quite a doozy. Remember how Lindsay owes a bunch of money to the IRS and that whole she has to pay for the storage unit she rented thing? Well apparently she still had $250,000 to spend on redecorating her home with Kathy Ireland.

From what we can gather, the entire episode is a little bit of a train wreck. She left the house a mess, she didn’t show up for the reveal shoot, she continuously wore that hideous fur coat during all of it…OK, so that last one is a lie, but seriously, what is up with that coat?!

Maybe it’s just cause I’ve never really gotten the fur coat appeal, but the whole thing she feels overdone. I mean, I guess it’s cold in London? Right? I can’t come up with a better reason than that. Fur coat fans-and faux fur coat fans–please explain the appeal to me! Also, why is Lindsay in London? More Max George stalking, I presume?

Be honest, will you be tuning in on January 1 to watch Lindsay’s appearance on Million Dollar Decorators? I feel like I might have to, and I probably won’t be able to turn away. Here’s to hoping it’s a good one!