Lindsay Lohan Forgets To Show Up For Work, Bret Easton Ellis Sics Patrick Bateman On Her

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Lindsay Lohan's collection of mug shots.
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The starlet channeled the screen siren for a shoot.
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Lindsay Lohan leaves the Ken Paves hair salon.
Lindsay Lohan has been called out for apparently skipping work by the writer of her upcoming film The Canyons.

The actress stars alongside adult performer James Deen in the film, written by American Psycho scribe Bret Easton Ellis.

Lets just say that Bret was not happy. See the above tweet.

What was Lindsay’s response? 

Well she hasn’t responded yet, but a source close to the actress assures Gossip Cop, “She did not miss anything.”

P.S. ADR refers to automatic dialogue replacement, basically re-recording or dubbing lines in post-production.