Lindsay’s Lohan’s Five Best Excuses [PHOTOS]

January 29th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

The New York Post reported today (January 29th) that Lindsay Lohan cannot make her January 30th court date in Los Angeles.  The young starlet has taken ill with an “upper respiratory infection,” and she’s got a Park Avenue doctor’s note to prove it.

Lohan’s NY-based lawyer, Mark Heller submitted the claim, along with a January 11th New York Postarticle about the flu epidemic plaguing the island.

Ahh, but wait.  There is photographic proof that Lohan shopping in Soho the same day she was allegedly examined by a doctor. 

Isn’t she supposed to be broke, too?

Lohan’s newest excuse took me on a trip back in time, from hospitalizations to missing documents.  Launch the gallery to check out her five silliest excuses.

We wonder where she gets it from

By Kelly Lynch

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