Lindsay Lohan Enjoys A Cup Of Coffee As Rumors Of Her Partying Ways Resurface

Sabba Rahbar | October 25, 2013 - 1:30 pm

OK guys, let us remember the key word here: rumors. Now, on to Lindsay Lohan.

The former child star has made no secret of her life troubles, but recently things were looking up for her. She hung out with Oprah, was working hard with a sober coach and even watched some drag queens walk the runway.

So that’s all well and good, but have you heard the latest rumors? Obviously she’s saying they’re not true and I really want to believe her because deep down in my heart I want the old Lindsay back. 

[midpostembed id=”9771386″ type=”gallery” title=”lindsay enjoys a cigarette “]Anyway, earlier this week Lindsay was spotted reaching for a bottle of wine. At least that’s what it looked like. Still, Lindsay maintains that she was reaching for her purse and her phone. OK Lindsay. I’m going to believe you. But just this once. If this happens again or if any more stories about you partying hard resurface, I’m gonna have to rethink this.

On a different note, Lindsay was looking really good in New York City yesterday. Look at her drinking coffee and trying to be all cool and casual. Well done. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos and let us know if you think Lindsay is still on the wagon in the comments.

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