Lindsay Lohan Denies Buying Drugs, She Was Buying Crystals

August 11th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father Michael Lohan is furious (when is he not furious?) with the actress after an undercover paparazzi team caught her in what appears to be a street drug deal. footage of Lohan and friends hanging out near her home in Venice, California was posted online on Wednesday morning. The 25-year-old actress scribbled notes in a book and chain-smoked cigarettes as a pal inspected a small plastic bag handed to him by a suspicious bystander. The actress was then seen handing over cash to the mystery man.

In a post on her Twitter, she writes, “X17 is nuts! their false stories are absurd and gross…” Her rep as stated that she was buying crystals from a friend.

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Well, I know for a fact that the finest crystals are bought in the street in ziploc bags! Why pay for overprices crystals from a store, when you can buy them right on street. Seriously, even if she was buying crystals, think for a minute Lindsay.

Yesterday (August 10) Lindsay was spotted sans bra in a see-through black vest as she dashed in to Mr. Chow in Hollywood.

Watch the video of the purchase after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lindsay Lohan see-through shirt Mr Chow
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    Such a waste!! Lohan was a very attractive and talented actress. Look at her now. She has smoked, drank, and drugged her way into early old age. Her face is wrinkled and looks to be over 40 in most photos. Her breasts are already starting to sag. A 20 somethings breasts should be perky and firm, hers are already starting to point down and I would bet in another 3 to 5 years she’ll have the breasts of a 60 year old. She has nothing but a reputation for being a prima dona without the background to desreve it. She in unreliable professionally, loosing her looks, I’m sure lost what singing voice she had from smoking, and will soon be another almost was that will only be seen on the “Memba them” back pages of tabloids. Like I said, what a waste!!!

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