Lindsay Lohan Denied Any Visitors On Her Birthday

Lindsay Lohan
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Poor Lindsay Lohan. She spent her 27th birthday all by her lonesome. Well, Kind of.

TMZ reported that Lilo was denied by Cliffside (where she is currently in rehab) that she would not be able to have any visitors on her b-day except one — her lawyer, Shawn Holley.

The rehab center has a strict “no visitors policy” except on Sundays. Not all hope was lost for Lilo though. Certain visitors are allowed after visitor hours, like lawyers.

Cue Shawn.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that you have finally hit all time low when you can’t see your family and friends on your own birthday.

A source spilled, “[She] didn’t like spending her birthday in rehab, but she managed to make the best of it. Carvel donated a delicious ice cream birthday cake, and her attorney, Shawn Holley dropped by to have some cake. Lindsay shared her birthday cake with the other patients, which everyone enjoyed. Lindsay seems to be in a very good place, and is responding very well to treatment at Cliffside.”

I’m just curious when Lindsay will stop being in rehab. At this point, I’m thinking she just really likes it.

Check out the gallery of Lilo photographed on her big day above!