Lindsay Lohan Claims She Can’t Go To Rehab Because She Is Broke

Lindsay Lohan says she is as broke as a joke. In her recent probation court date she revealed to a Beverly Hills judge that she needs to work in order to pay for treatment. Seen here, Lindsay Lohan appeared at the Courthouse in Beverly Hills, CA on October 22nd. Lindsay avoided jail time by agreeing to go to drug and alcohol treatment program at the Betty Ford Center and won’t be released until after the New Year.

“She indicates she can not afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work,” the probation officer wrote. “The defendant states her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product.”
A bad sign for the crazy starlet was this week when a popular apparel liquidation site had Lindsay’s clothing line on clearance for up to 60% off. Aww shit! Lindsay is scheduled to work on a biopic of famous porn star Linda Lovelace starting next month, but filming is being delayed to accommodate Lindsay’s rehab stay. Inferno director Matthew Wilder said they hope to begin filming when Lindsay is released.
“She’s good and productive and thinking about life beyond [rehab],” he said. “I think she feels a little cooped up there, but she’s okay.”
According to Daily Mail, this is the first time Lindsay has publicly admitted her rumored money troubles and claims to lack the funds to pay for her 3 month stay in rehab. This will be her 5th stint in a drug and alcohol program, with the release date set at Jan. 3rd.
“You’re staying there past the New Year, there’s a reason for that,” the judge said, “You are an addict. I hope you understand that.”