Lindsay Lohan Angry With Dina Lohan Over ‘Today’

Lindsay Lohan is apparently putting two and two together about her mom. TMZ is reporting that Lohan was furious with Dina for defying her request to not appear on The Today Show last week. Since then, Lindsay is apparently starting to realize that her mom is just as much to blame for her problems as is her crazy father.

As long as she realizes that both of her parents have screwed her up equally, then she may be on the road to redemption. Professionally, though, she may be out of a job…

Inferno director Matthew Wilder has stood by Lindsay throughout her legal troubles, waiting for her to star in his movie about porn star Linda Lovelace.

But he’s told that he may have to resort to Plan B, meaning he’ll go forward without Lohan in the role.

“I can confirm that we did not see Lindsay over the weekend. You know we have been through a lot with this project, and although she is still our number one choice – we do have a Plan B if she cannot film Inferno.”

“But we will wait until Lindsay has fulfilled all of her rehab and court obligations to see if she will be able to take her place as we had originally planned.”

Until then, he added there has been great response from other actresses who would like the role. And Lohan has yet to sign a final contract so the whole thing may be up in the air.