911 Call Of Lindsay Lohan Going Crazy On Betty Ford Worker [AUDIO]

Okay, Lindsay Lohan just may be off her rocker for good. Many have been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt after all the crazy shenanigans she has pulled over the past few years, but this 911 call may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Girl seems ba-na-nas! Seen here, Lindsay Lohan attends the screening of ‘Source Code’ at the Crosby Hotel in New York City on March 31st. She actually looks like she has is together, with those fine looking leggings and heels. But looks can be deceiving!

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In the audio, a Betty Ford staffer named Dawn Holland finds that Lohan and two friends have left the rehab center against the rules by climbing a wall. According to TMZ, upon trying to breathalyze Lindsay, Ms. Holland is pushed and/or hit by a phone. At one point Lindsay offers the woman money and the staffer responds that all she wants is respect. It is interesting to hear Lindsay playing innocent yet again when no one on planet earth trusts her anymore. Listen to the audio after the jump!