Lindsay Lohan: 13 Career Highs and Lows

Lohan's Fish Lips
Lindsay Lohan leaves the Ken Paves hair salon.
This week, the Lindsanity may have finally ended. Sorry Jeremy Lin, that term will forever belong to our girl Lindsay Lohan. After more than three years of probation, Lindsay Lohan was finally granted her freedom again. If you haven’t been paying attention, Lohan has had a couple of problems over the last couple of years. Her continual run-ins with the law including multiple DUIs, arrests, and rehab stays have kept her in the public eye whether she liked it or not. But things weren’t always so bad for the freckled actress and socialite.

There was a time when she had the world at her feet: a successful film career, multiple pop albums and all the money a young woman could use to buy endless high-heels. It was these luxuries that set her on a path of entitlement and substance abuse all before the age of 26. No one believed she could overcome her obstacles, but with her recent career resurgence and the appearance that she may finally have her life in control, she may be on the right track. Or on the cusp of crashing and burning. Only time will tell. While we wait to find out, check out the gallery to get up to speed on 13 of Lindsay Lohan’s career highs and lows.