Lindsay Lohan Causes Trouble In Rehab

Ahh Lindsay Lohan.  Why can’t you go to rehab to just heal?

TMZ reports that Lohan and her roommates broke curfew on December 12th.  But that’s not the biggest part of the story.  Lohan allegedly assaulted a chemical dependency technician who was trying give her a breathalyzer test after Lohan and her roomies snuck back into the treatment center.  Dawn Holland, the technician involved in the altercation, filed an incident report with the Betty Ford Center six hours after the showdown happened.  According to TMZ, “Holland says during the heat of the argument, ‘Lindsay threw the phone … I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a ‘C__T B___H.'”

Well, then.  TMZ also reports that the Betty Ford Center fired Holland for breaching patient confidentiality.  Holland claims she was just telling a story that had already gone public.  It’s also reported that Holland suffered a sprained wrist after Lohan tried to grab the phone out of her hand.  She is now collecting workman’s comp.

It’s just a messy story.  From what I gather: Lohan snuck back into the B.F. after curfew.  Holland was called in to give the whack job a breathalyzer.  Lohan called 911, then Holland got on the phone with 911, then Lohan grabbed the phone out of her hand which Holland to “severely” sprain her wrist.  Holland also claims she could smell alcohol on Lohan’s breath.