Linda Hogan Wants Her Husband From 35 Years Ago

Linda Hogan was one of many stars at the opening of the Palms Palace Casino in Vegas over the weekend. She brought along her 19-year-old boyfriend Charlie and the two were all over each other despite the crowd and media attention.

I loved the Hogan family when they had their reality show Hogan Knows Best. Apparently that’s what screwed up their lives?

Between Dad’s affair with Brooke’s friend, Nick Hogan in jail, and now Mom’s barely-legal boy toy, I think there was a lot already screwed up about this bunch before the cameras showed up.

And how scary is it that this kid has that weird straight bleach blonde hair like her ex-husband? If you put a bandana around this kid’s head I might have thought he was a clone of Hulk.

No wonder Brooke (the normal one?) has been turning to her myspace to vent. Her family is out of control.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Linda Hogan and her 19-year-old boy toy after the jump.

Photos: WENN