Linda Hogan Wants Her Husband From 35 Years Ago

June 2nd, 2008 // 11 Comments

Linda Hogan was one of many stars at the opening of the Palms Palace Casino in Vegas over the weekend. She brought along her 19-year-old boyfriend Charlie and the two were all over each other despite the crowd and media attention.

I loved the Hogan family when they had their reality show Hogan Knows Best. Apparently that’s what screwed up their lives?

Between Dad’s affair with Brooke’s friend, Nick Hogan in jail, and now Mom’s barely-legal boy toy, I think there was a lot already screwed up about this bunch before the cameras showed up.

And how scary is it that this kid has that weird straight bleach blonde hair like her ex-husband? If you put a bandana around this kid’s head I might have thought he was a clone of Hulk.

No wonder Brooke (the normal one?) has been turning to her myspace to vent. Her family is out of control.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Linda Hogan and her 19-year-old boy toy after the jump.

Photos: WENN

By Intern Traci

  1. Nick

    he’s looking a little rough for 19.

  2. Greggie

    She is SO pretty in that get-up. And her hair and skin color looks so natural!

  3. Zekers

    Yeah, she’s a real earth mother…I hope your tongue didn’t poke a hole through your cheek with that comment Greggie!

  4. green cardigan

    Yer mans on drugs.

  5. Did you call her a “star”?

  6. nineteen

    19? That kid looks like he is 30. In this case I could see why him being 19 doesn’t really bother her.

    I remember in high school there was a kid in my 11th grade class who was 16 going on 25. He was 6’2″, had a full beard at times, and was rarely carded for liquor which is what made him quite the popular guy in school, but still he dated plenty of college girls and just lied about his age the entire time.

  7. Dodgeboy27

    Nice. I mean, eww.

    Phuck, who cares, man? Linda’s 15 minutes were up as soon as she signed the papers.


  8. lowens

    I think that what linda hogan has done is a discrace and she should be ashamed of herself I think that she made herself look bad and her family look bad as well what was she thinking dating someone that is her daughters age and is it true that this 19 year old is one of brooke’s friends what a DOG

  9. Hannah (abbazabba)

    Okay first of all this probably the most disturbing thing i’ve ever read. I used to watch that show and thought it was pretty funny they seemed like a really loving family and all, and what.. the mother has a 19 year old boyfriend, she probably like bought him on the internet.. and like hogan has an affair WITH BROOKES FRIEND?! dude on soem real shit, we worship these celebrities that do the must ridiculous things, and it freaking like.. why? why are we doing this? and nick’s in jail, but i dont see that as big of a deal cuase i mean people go to jail and shit all the time, that’s becme like a natural thing in this society.. so wtf. and brooke’s one year older than her mom’s boyfriend, i would totally hate my family if i was her.

  10. David G. Mills

    This guy is a putz, and tried to pick a fight with me, at the Tampa airport..about an hour before boarding their May 29th 2008 / US Air flight to Vegas.

    I have the pics from my wonderful moment of him all up in my face.

    PS: Linda was sweet, and even posed for me, when I asked her.

  11. sammi

    linda should have picked a much better looking boytoy! this kid looks like redneck trailer trash! she might have been a little bit more respected, if she had an ashton kutcher on her arm! and brooke hogan looks like a man? does anyone see this becides me? very manly features, and an amazon body!

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