Lily Allen Should Have Cooled It On The Karate Kicks

Visitors to our beautiful country need to recognize that if you act like an asshole (even in other countries), you might have an issue with coming back. Love the album, hate the attitude. Lily Allen is being denied access to the U.S. due to her run-in with paparazzi. And when I say run-ins I mean she was doing the crane kick and cackling and thinking she was all badass. Customs didn’t think so.

Lily Allen has been barred from entering America after being interrogated at U.S. customs for five hours over her criminal record. The singer was stopped by immigration officers at Los Angeles airport on Sunday where she arrived to film a video with rapper Kanye West and attend the MTV video music awards.

Allen was released after being told her work visa had been cancelled because she was arrested in London in March following an alleged assault on a photographer.

Isn’t she about a month early for the awards? She may be violent, but she’s crazy punctual. Lily allegedly blogged that she was told the reason for the rejection was because she’s a “musician”. If Kylie Minogue isn’t allowed back here, I’ll sue.