Lily Allen Does Hollywood

To kick off her “Discover and Download” tour with MTV, Lily hit the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood and I was hooked up by a friend with a complimentary ticket. Woo hoo! OK, enough with the secretive shit–it was MK from Popbytes. Thanks again!

So, after waiting in a line of very trendy-looking individuals (God, I sound old…) and finding out we weren’t allowed to bring in our cameras (you bastards, you), we took them back to the car and were let back in. We kept our eyes peeled for any possible celebrities because we were on the job, you know. And despite seeing a couple of people who kind of, sort of could have been Katie Holmes, Mackenzie Phillips, and some chicks from various reality shows I don’t really watch, we didn’t really have any sightings. And I started to realize that as much as I heart MK, I think he’s like Haley Joel Osment in “Sixth Sense;” only he sees “famous people.”

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Oh my gosh, we were standing around waiting for what seemed like forever, when I finally realized that the only way I could possibly keep myself from losing my patience was to go get a drink. That definitely helped, but still Lily didn’t take to the stage for what felt like forever and all I could think about was how I had to post in the morning and how this had better be good, dammit.

Well, luckily, it was good. Lily came out and sang “Smile,” and I did. She had this cute half Princess Leia on one side of her head and a white tank-dress, which she demurely held to her chest every time she bent down to grab a sip of her water bottle, which I thought was amusing, considering how many little pantiless starlets have no problem splaying nice and wide in their skirts every time they exit a limo.

Lily was much more in her element at the show than during her restrained performance on Saturday Night Live, which is understandable. Unfortunately, the only pix I could get (besides of the marquee outside) were with my camera phone, which although does a great job of looking impressive with it’s handy-dandy slide-away keyboard, isn’t the best camera in the world and I only got a couple of decent shots of the show.

All in all, good times all around. Also, it’s settled–I’m definitely getting bangs this weekend.

Here are the dates for the rest of her tour…

February 6 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall

February 8 – Chicago, IL – Metro

February 10 – New York, NY – Webster Hall

February 12 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts

February 16 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club

February 18 – Boston, MA – Axis