Lily Allen And Lindsay Lohan To Make Beautiful Music Together

Lily Allen gave one of her characteristic interviews where she prattled on about going to strip clubs and getting lapdances — “one of the naked ones” — and just loves chatting with the strippers, etc.

Guess she’s still trying to go for that vaguely lesbian thing. (ZZZZZZZ)

Our blurry eyes didn’t focus until somehow Lindsay Lohan made her way into the piece. LiLo! She’s everywhere!

“The pair have got so pally during Lil’s latest promotional stint in the US
that they are planning a holiday together. A source said: “They have been getting on really well and they’re planning a
summer escape, along with Lindsay’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson. They’ve discussed the Bahamas, and are also planning a trip to the Coachella
Music Festival in April to see Amy Winehouse perform.”

Business as usual. And then:

“They’ve discussed making a record together, possibly at a
pre-arranged studio, while they’re away on holiday.”

Nice. Let’s just hope for a Christmas release so I can ask for the Lily Allen/Lindsay Lohen duet album, Joaquin Phoenix rap debut and P. Hizzzy Does Snoop Dogg box set as the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Gallery Info: Lily Allen Performing at London’s G.A.Y. nightclub and dressed up as animals.