Lily Allen And Courtney Love Almost Get In A Fistfight Over Chanel

Some things are worth fighting for…like Chanel! Things got downright catty at the NME Awards on Wednesday when Courtney Love took a dig at Lily Allen for “locking down” the Chanel collection and preventing her from wearing the designer as well. Courtney, did you ever think maybe Chanel doesn’t want crazies wearing their dresses?

Courtney took a dig at Lily backstage at the awards, but then gutter-mouthed Lily fired back, launching a expletive-filled screaming match.

Lily apparently told Courtney to “go f*** yourself” causing Courtney to yell in front of TV cameras “Me and Lily Allen are going to have a fistfight tonight.”

Apparently Courtney tried to later make the peace at the after party, but Lily screamed at her “You’re f***ing mental. Go away!”

Love sparked the row after getting snarky about Allen on Twitter. Some people just need the plug pulled on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for their own good!