Lily Allen Acts Up, Gets Tossed Out

At the GQ Men of the Year Awards, British pop singer, Lily Allen got herself wasted and was then told politely to get out. Apparently, Lily started getting her drink on pretty much from the onset of the soiree and, much to the distress of such guests as Sir Elton John, Elle MacPherson, Orlando Bloom and Jude Law, she proceeded to utter loud drunken mutterings throughout Madonna’s presentation of the inspiration of the year award on stage. A guest at the event had this to say about Lily’s behavior:

“At first nobody noticed but then it was evident what she was doing – even Madge gave her a look.”

Oh please, now I know Lily was clearly misbehaving at what was supposed to be a high-falutin’ event, but Madonna needs to not front like she didn’t do her share of shenanigans at Lily’s age. But now that’s she’s British and adopts babies, she requires silence when she speaks.