Lily Allen’s Laughing at Her Sexy Text

British singer, Lily Allen, has been receiving some suggestive text messages from Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. While Lily was attending the Field Day Festival in East London over the weekend, she decided to show some friends the text message she’d received from Turner, who suggested the two of them get their groove on. Unfortunately for Alex, Lily’s already plenty happy with her current boyfriend, Seb Chew.

“Lily was on brilliant form all night, chatting to fans and generally larking about with pals and Seb.

“At one point, she got out her phone and told some of her friends that they just had to see this message from Alex.

“Basically he said that he wanted her to go back to his hotel – or that he could go to hers.”

Well, I guess you can’t blame a guy for trying. But you can make fun of him.

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