Lily Allen In Men’s Room Threesome With Rock Star And Circus Clown

A newly blonde Lily Allen was thrown out of London club Dolce last night when she was caught with two guys in the men’s room. Oh who hasn’t? Bouncers discovered Lily with Kirsten Dunst’s ex-boyfriend, Razorlight guitarist Johnny Borrell and comedian Noel Fielding. Noel is the guy in the clown suit. Lily has a clown fetish!

Let’s be real, Noel looks a little fruity so you know it was actually a little coke-klatch over a mirror in a stall. Ugh, drugs can be shady. There’s no need to hunker over a dirty toilet.

Johnny Borrel was reportedly bullshit at being pulled out of the bathroom and yelled at bouncers not to touch him. I wouldn’t touch him either, he’s been on Kirsten Dunst. Lily could have cared less, she just smiled for the cameras and went on her merry way. I guess she’s over the miscarriage.

Photos: Splash
Photos: WENN