Lily Allen On Her Way To The Gym

May 2nd, 2007 // 24 Comments

Lily Allen cancelled the rest of her tour. This is her with her brother, headed to the gym. With a big cancer stick in her mouth. She’s probably going to stare at a treadmill and ask if they can put rum in a smoothie for her.


By J. Harvey

  1. Kat

    omg look at her giantly fat legs

  2. sexyback

    Her brother looks like Matt Damon’s uglier twin brother. Am I right?

  3. grace

    When did she get so FAT?!

  4. brandy

    All that food that you eat while on tour really takes its toll, obviously. Love ya Lily, but damn!!
    Too pretty to be so chunky.

  5. Mander

    I just saw her in concert a few weeks ago…she’s not fat….but she does smoke like a chimney – one after another!! I thought it was pretty interesting…for a singer that is.

  6. krystyn

    she’s chunkier than when she broke out here in the States, but she’s not fat. Her legs are weird though, she does have Fat Leg Syndrome

    love her though

    I wonder if thats little brother Alfie!

  7. Sam

    I was wondering the same thing about her brother…”Alfie” is a good song.

    “Now, now there’s no need to swear. Please don’t despair… my dear, mon frere.”

  8. shell

    Those two look like degenerate elves or something.

  9. mustard seed

    He does look like Matt Damon gone bad.

  10. Kelly

    Holy shit…my god those tree trunks

  11. hotmess

    Fuck that, she’s still a hot bitch, I love her!!! Shes not fat, shes just not anorexic like every other star her age. Lily is awesome!

  12. OutOnBail

    The first question that I have to ask myself about the tour being canceled is:

    Who is Lily Allen?

  13. Sarah

    Fat? Hardly. Just because she isn’t size fucking zero doesn’t mean she’s fat.

  14. Kat

    This girl is a loser. Her music smells like her big old feet.

  15. grace

    She’s fat and that’s all there is to it. There.

  16. Lily, as a weight size, is a PERFECT role model.

    It’s her choice to smoke, as much as I think it’s disgusting, and that ISN’T a good thing for a role model, but she did it before she became one, and maybe she’ll give up some day. Don’t have a go at her, compared to the drug taking Lily of 5 years ago, she’s a Goddess.

  17. Susan

    Her brother does look like Matt Damon – the retarded puppet Matt Damon from Team America: World Police.

  18. REG

    Fat? Chunky? Tree trunks? I can’t believe those comments – and mostly women making them! Lily Allen is not even close to being overweight. WAKE UP! Don’t you have the intelligence to see how you’ve been manipulated by the media into believing that you’re not good enough unless you’re literally skeletal? When will this sickening fashion fad finally end?

  19. Karen

    I agree with Reg, and since these pics were taken lily has lost weight and it’s got to the point where her friends are worried she might be developing an eating disorder. It’s comments like the ones here that are the reason girls end up starving themselves.

  20. Yes-she-is-fat

    You’re nuts, she is getting fat. Too many chips, booze, and smokes and not nearly enough activity. She’s a small girl, fat legs stand out like…well, big fat legs.

  21. Cath

    So she’s a big girl… get over it.
    No one’s perfect.

  22. yupppp

    i love lily allen. i think she’s got a beautiful voice. but what i love more about her is that she’s not like the other girls of hollywood. i praise lily allen for being comfortable in her own skin. i know that more than half of you people on here don’t look nearly as pretty as lily, let alone successful like her. she’s a role model for me because yes, i’m not perfect, but for some reason, she makes me feel like that’s okay, and i don’t have to go through millions of doctors just to get my pigeon toe corrected or have my ass reduced. so hate all you want, but your just being hypocrites, and i laugh in your face.

  23. sarah

    lily allen is brillant she isnt fucking fat, yer big fuckin woop she smokes alot of people do, i still and will always think that she is a great role model.

    Lily Allen :) Is The Fuckin Best :)

  24. Taylor

    Her legs look a little bigger than I like mine to be here, but it could just be that she’s short. Still, I don’t think she’s fat. I’ve seen other pictures of her like in concert and she’s FAR from fat.

    Regardless, I LOVE HER ????? I wish she wouldn’t smoke so much. I want her around for as long as possible.

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