Lily Collins: Fashion Do Or Fashion Don’t?

Lily Collins Is Giddy
Lily was super excited at 'Extra'!
Lily Collins has just been wearing a parade of dresses as she attends all the premieres for The Mortal Instruments.

For the Spanish premiere of the movie, Lily decided to add a pop of color with this bright red Houghton top and skirt. She paired the looked with red Brian Atwood shoes and crazy, 1920s-esque hairdo.

Personally, I’m not really feeling this look. The dress isn’t too bad, and I guess this is a classier way to show off her abs than what she’s had going on before, but the hair and make-up are really ruining it for me. 

The hair just looks so heavy and way too stuck to her head and the make-up is too dark to work with this outfit. Plus, I kind of wish the top had more to it that just a lot of random lace. It looks like she forgot to put a shirt under it. Sorry Lily, you’re lovely, but for me, this is a fashion don’t.


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