Lily Aldridge & Caleb Followill Continue To Be An Adorable Couple As They Stroll Through New York City

Caleb Followill's Wedding
The Kings of Leon singer singer marries Lily Aldirdge.
You know, there’s a reason that models and musicians are constantly getting married. And that’s because they are so pretty together.

If you need evidence of this, check out Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill taking a stroll in New York City today. We haven’t seen the couple together in awhile, so please enjoy this rare treat.

Also, I am obsessed with Lily’s knee-high boots. I realize you can’t see them in the photo above, but you can see them in the gallery and they are perfection. 

I am on a quest for boots and now I need these. If any of you fine folks know where to get them, let me know. Also also, Lily and Caleb, where is your baby? Honestly, a tiny child would be the only thing to make these photos even better.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the lovely couple. Are you as obsessed with Lily’s boots as I am? Sound off in the comments–and tell me where to get them from!