Lil’ Kim’s Is One With The Lord

March 8th, 2006 // 12 Comments

The poor little thing. If being sentence to prison wasn’t enough, she had to remove her weave and fake nails. There is no glamour in prison girl. How is Kim keeping sane? Through her faith in the Lord.

On today’s Tyra Banks show, she reads a personal letter from Kim to fans, in which the rapper reveals that she’s been busy behind bars: she goes to church every Sunday and Bible study every Tuesday.

She’s also been reading a lot of books and reveals that “The Da Vinci Code” is her favorite.

“For the most part, all the girls on my [cell] block are cool,” Kim notes, but adds, “No matter how good I am in here, this is no place for women to be — or anyone for that matter. It has its trying times and stressful moments — it’s very unsanitary — and it can be very depressing, especially around the holidays. … Being away from your family and loved ones is the worst part of being locked up.”

Let’s all mail ‘Lil Kim a shamrock so she can get through St. Patrick’s day alright.

Lil’ Kim in the lockup [The Scoop]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Marley

    Jail sucks… shit genius! Tell us something we don’t know

  2. kathryn

    if you don’t want to go to jail, then don’t purjure yourself, seems simple enough.

  3. bestdress

    I’m happy she is attending church but too bad it had to take all that.

  4. Katie

    She’s trash. There’s no place she fits in more. Besides, she’s always taking about how tough she is and how she’ll slap bitches, etc. now’s the time, tough girl.

  5. Small Fry

    I love how everyone seems to find God in prison. Is it boredom or are they being driven to insanity? You know the instant she gets out she’ll be back to her old ways.

  6. Silasdog

    Katie & SmallFry, you’re both right on target. If she’s had a true conversion, there’ll be a changes life when she’s back on the streets. Don’t bet on it.

  7. Jen

    Stop hating on Lil’Kim. Let her be. She is doing time, not like she needs all this negative shit people have to say. At least, she is learning her lesson.

  8. ty

    All of us usually find some type of higher power when we reach a dark point in out lives!!so Dont hate on Lil Kim and the fact she’s not a snitch like you!!!!!

  9. doofus

    no, not a snitch.

    just a liar. and not a very clever one.

    don’t ever lie about something that’s caught (or might have been caught) on tape.

    my problem with lil kim is her penchant for plastic surgery.

    she looked much better without the changes to her face, and her boobs look ridiculous.

  10. Ty

    go ahead, hate on her. She deserves it..

  11. Silasdog

    Don’t “hate on” Lil’ Kim? Is that English? Or is it ebonics? The bitch is a thug (or is it thugette), and a convicted criminal. You think she’s “learning her lesson”? El-barfo! All she’s learning is how not to get caught the next time.

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