Lil’ Wayne Is Shirtless And Ripped, But Still A Little Crazy [PHOTOS]

Rapper Lil Wayne, aka ‘Weezy’, was spotted shirtless yesterday (September 26, 2012) as he left the grand opening of the Trukstop community skatepark in the ‘Lower 9th Ward’ in New Orleans.

The project, spear-headed by Lil Wayne and sponsored by Mountain Dew and Trukfit, aims to help the community to continue to rebuild their lives and give the youth of the 9th Ward a safe haven for fun. Lil Wayne showed up with a full entourage which included 4 large SUVs and 3 top spec tour buses.

The rapper, who turns 30 today and recently launched a skateboarding-inspired clothing line called Trukfit, said he was excited to share his newfound passion with his hometown.

“I just want to help out my city, help out the people and the kids, give them something to do, something they haven’t done before,” he said. “It’s always good to learn something new.”

Weezy has been making headlines recently for his bizarre court depositions regarding his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III

“Specifically, they are videos of Lil Wayne claiming to be psychic, pleading a level of crippling forgetfulness that would make him a prime candidate for a 50 First Dates-inspired reality show, and, occasionally, threatening an attorney,” describes Gawker’s Caity Weaver. She adds, “More broadly, they are videos of Lil Wayne being crazy.”

When Jones’ lawyer Pete Ross asks Wayne about a 2007 performance with Kanye West and his 2008 gun arrest in New York, the New Orleans native claimed to have no recollection of the events saying “I don’t know.” When the lawyer pressed further, Wayne interrupted him, blurting “I don’t know!” The judge on-hand told the rapper to wait until the lawyer finished, to which Wayne responded, “I’m sorry that’s my psychic, I’m sorry.”

Check out some of the court video below.