Lil’ Kim And Her New Face Promote Music In New York [PHOTOS]

It’s the second coming of LaToya Jackson!

Lil’ Kim’s gone plastic surgery-happy.  The 38-year-old singer emerged from MTV Studios in New York yesterday (March 6th) looking all sorts of scary mary in a fur coat, lots of jewelry and a porcelain face.

Kim filmed Rap Fix Live for the music network, part of promotion for her album comeback, but the focus is elsewhere.  Like her puffy-pillow face.

“It looks like she had her nose operated to make it her nostrils look more narrow. Her facial features like her cheeks and especially her jaw line are essentially unrecognizable,” Dr. Boris Ackerman told the New York Daily News (via Daily Mail). 

“She also appears to have her upper eyelids operated on,’ he added. ‘Her skin has undergone a significant amount of lightening, which can be done with combination of chemical peel and skin lightening creams.”

Let’s call a spade a spade: Lil’ Kim has Jackson’d herself.