Lil’ Kim Looks Crazy At LA Pride [PHOTOS]

Umm, Lil’ Kim, what are you wearing? Why does your make up look like that? What has happened to you? There are so many questions that need to be answered. The singer was spotted looking slightly wore for the wear at this weekend’s LA Gay Pride Parade.

Do you guys remember back in the day when Lil’ Kim was the shit? What has happened to her? Her face is all crazy looking, she won’t stop going on and on about how much she hates Nicki Minaj–it’s all crazy. Also, her outfit looks like circus showgirl gone wrong. Whoever let her go out like that should get a talking to.

Her coat could have maybe been cute…nope, sorry, can’t think of anyway to make that cute. Launch the gallery to see all the photos yourself and tells us what you think of Lil’ Kim’s crazy look. She’s done crazy before, but for some reason this look is down right insane.