Like Everyone Else, The Paps Want A Piece Of Alex Rodriguez

Apparently, Alex Rodriguez really gets the ladies going. It’s definitely good for his love life, but not necessarily good for his reputation. Remember when he used his own daughter to prove he isn’t disgusting like Tiger Woods?

From the infamous Kate Hudson debacle to the now rumored relationship with Cameron Diaz, the paparazzi are working over time trying to catch the Yankee star with his new girl.

A-rod, photographed going to lunch on June 2nd, in the Upper West Side of New York City, is probably upping his image with a sweeter girl like Cameron Diaz, but she makes sure to keep the relationship under wraps when going out. She doesn’t want to be considered sloppy seconds, just sayin’.
Cameron Diaz met Alex Rodriguez on East 61st Street June 3rd at Serafina. However, the ‘innocent’ Cameron left without her new guy, trying to prevent the paparazzi from getting a piece of the action. Instead, famous author Gay Talese appeared outside, telling the paps, “He’s probably with some blonde in the bathroom.”

Nice try Cam & A-Rod, you aren’t fooling anyone!