Lights, Camera, ACTION: Movie Premiere Round-Up

Socialite Life movie lovers, this weekend in film premieres is all about visuals: 3D effects, young hard bodies in adolescent love stories and Janet Jackson breaking a table!

Call me a nerd, but I’m excited about the Clash of the Titans remake. I was sold after seeing the trailer, but for those who don’t know the plot: there are Titans. And they clash. Sam Worthington traded his g-string
for some old school Greek fighting gear as ‘Perseus’.

The question remains: the original or the remake. At the film’s LA premiere, Worthington seemed to think the visual effects would 1-up the original. But it seems we’ve come a long way since outdated film mechanics and audiences want more elevated material. Just because it’s 3D doesn’t make it good. What’s next? Esquire asks, will the next installment of Saw be in 3D?! and I wonder, too.
On a sweeter note, Miley Cyrus is starring alongside her new boyfriend in The Last Song. It’s never a good sign when the LA Times starts a poll on a future Razzie for what’s being called a Britney like performance.

Struggling to find her own, the girl meets boy and so ensues challenges, heartache, tears, bla bla bla. She might want to think twice about giving up the music biz. Liam Hemsworth might win here by riding Miley’s coat tails to… ‘Dancing with the Stars’?!

He does what he wants and hence the grammatically incorrect title, Why Did I Get Married Too. Fans of Tyler Perry’s humor will see the film that Janet Jackson said allowed her to channel deep emotions, mostly from losing her brother, Michael Jackson.