Life&Style Weekly Has a Lot Invested in Brad Jen

April 27th, 2007 // 11 Comments

I’m pretty sure this is nowhere near true, but it looks like Life&Style Weekly are determined to make this Brad and Jen thing happen. This is their latest coverage on the relationship, that I’m pretty sure has long since gone the way of “fetch.”

“Brad told Jen that he missed being with a woman who was his best friend,” the insider says. In fact, he became so emotional, he blurted a shocking confession to Jen: “I think I made a huge mistake leaving you.” Reps for Brad and Jen deny the story, but the insider insists, “There’s no doubt Brad would love to have Jen back.”

I almost rather admire their strategy of casting a wide net, just in case they might actually be the first to report something that could randomly happen to be true. From now on, we should report every possible celebrity scenario, just to be safe.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jannre

    IMO..I don’t think that Brad and Angelina will last,where theres smoke theres fire, and when its finally over, I don’t think that Jen would take Brad back. I think she has moved on. I believe very little that I read in those ragmags.

  2. Mia


    Even IF Brad and Angelina do end up breaking up. Which IMO, it’s only a matter of time, be it a year or a couple of years, as their track record of staying in a long term relationship, speaks for itself. I hardly doubt, after being publicly humiliated that Jennifer Aniston would welcome Brad back into her life. Of course, she’ll end up having the last laugh, and a “I told you so”, moment…Jennifer for all purposes has moved on.

  3. kikichanelconspiracy

    I’d be so pissed if I was JA. They’ve moved on Life & Style, why can’t you? Just make up some story about Bland & Ang breaking up week one, then reconciling week two. Rinse and repeat.

  4. T-Bone

    Of course he misses her. She was his best friend. But he made his bed and now he’s going to have to lay in it.

  5. Margaret

    L&S is on a mission – God help us. I read the article. Amazing. Supposedly Brad asked his dad to contact the family lawyer to see how he could get custody of Shiloh and told his brother, Doug, that he wanted Jen back. They were so engrossed in this Brad/Jen thing that they’re the only rag who missed the Jen and Vince hookup, which should have been good for a double spreader. Angelina must have pissed L&S off at some point.

  6. NJ

    Oh, how I wish this story were true! Not because I want to subject Jen to that heartless hack, but because it says that cheaters don’t go on to be happy and have it all. That you can’t just make promises in your life, disregard them, hurt the people who love you because you think you’ve found something better and then expect that you’ll never have to deal with any consequences.

    I’m focusing so intensely on the tiny glimmer of hope that this story, or a variation of it, is rooted in truth because it sort of makes sense. He thought Angelina was so much more exciting than Jen. Jen’s a homebody, she likes normal things, she’s… NORMAL. What he thought was exciting in Angelina wasn’t excitment it was whacked-out crazy. And whacked-out crazy tends to have a short shelf-life.

  7. HelenSparkles

    Wasn’t it Jen who was completely neurotic actually and drove him mad? I can’t keep up! But JA would never have Brad back, though hanging out with him a lot, drinking coffee etc. would put a twist in the tale for Angie.

  8. D-L

    I need to know – what the heck does IMO mean?????

  9. alee

    I think it means In My Opinion (IMO)

  10. jen


  11. Robin

    This is not true. Pitt confirmed it on his personal blog on a biker site called

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