Life Is But A Dream For Jenelle Evans

When your life’s in the dumpster, put on a bikini!  Teen Mom 2 dead ass Jenelle Evans pranced along the North Carolina sea shore yesterday as if she had not a care in the world.  Evans didn’t do much last night to salvage her poor reputation on Teen Mom 2’s reunion, driving mom Barbara to tears as she called Evans “unlovable.”  Evans told Dr. Drew that she feels she doesn’t get enough love from Barbara.

PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans And Her Crew Make Their Way Through LAX

Evans was recently arrested for beating the pulp out of trash talker Britany Truett.  Apparently Truett posted something most unladylike about said baby mama on Facebook, prompting Evans to go on over to her house for a good old-fashioned duel.  As always, there’s a gentleman at the center of this fracas.  His name is Kieffer Delp and he is a catch.  A high school dropout with no home of his own, Delp was most recently arrested for cocaine possession (to be fair, it was an outstanding warrant).

And yet,  here we are.  Looking at pictures of Evans in a white bikini, marveling at her post-baby body.  How does she do it?  A steady diet of fist-fighting and running from the law!

GOOOOOOOOOOOO teen pregnancy!