Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker Show Off The Goods

Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker are taking the pressure off their beach-loving friend, Hugh Jackman, and dutifully providing us with some opportunities to show some of their well-toned skin and muscles and stuff on Bondi Beach in Sydney. Liev, who co-stars with Hugh in their upcoming film, Wolverine, is in Australia filming another movie, Defiance. I had forgotten all about Simon Baker since I saw him back in Something New with Sanaa Lathan and well…let’s just say, that love scene that starts in her foyer and ends with her painting her toes makes me very happy.

The two buds took a vacation on the beach with their families and I think Hugh might need to think about kicking it up a notch if he wants to keep our attention. I’m thinking shirtless cartwheels could be nice. The ball’s in your court, guy.


14 more photos of a shirtless Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker at Bondi beach are after the jump.

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