Liev Schreiber Spits On Scarlett Johansson

I am not happy with Scarlett Johansson today. First she confused me with this Karl Lagerfeld meets David Bowie look at Late Night With David Letterman (Do some people just get tired of looking good?) and then she proceeded to tell David Letterman a very descriptive story about Liev Schrieber hurling a loogie at her.  I’m going to spare you that detail because I like you, but basically Liev was doing a scene during their Broadway show A View From The Bridge where he was screaming at her and it happened. And she didn’t wipe it off. 

“Any normal person would just wipe it away,” she says “I didn’t, I just felt the show must go on regardless.”  Good for you.  Except the young girl you play, Catherine, is pretty much a normal person who would have whipped away the spittle off her face. I don’t think you would have broken character. I will leave the artistic decisions to her, though. Johansson has received excellent reviews for her role in the play even though she admitted to having stage fright. 

Watch Scarlett Johansson tell the story on David Letterman after the jump.