Liev Schreiber & Simon Baker Are A Handsome Shirtless Duo As They Surf In Sydney

Simon Baker Vacations
Simon Baker enjoys some time with his family.
Can we all agree that Liev Schreiber and Simon Baker have one of Hollywood’s cutest bromances?

And thank goodness, or else we wouldn’t have these photos of the duo showing off their shirtless bods on the beach with their kids. Simon seems to have burned a bit since we saw him a few days ago on the beach. Remember Simon, it’s important to wear lots of SPF.

Simon and Liev look to be having a very good time, especially when they both did some surfing. 

Honestly, I love celebrity friendships. They seem so much more epic than normal friendships. Maybe epic isn’t the right word–I can’t quite explain it, but I love it.

Here’s to hoping for more bromantic pictures as the holiday season progresses. Also, someone mentioned a few days ago that Simon doesn’t work out. That seems to be a lie. But if it’s not, can someone let me know how he maintains such a body? I’m sure I could make millions off of that secret.