Liam Hemsworth: ‘The Hunger Games’ Doesn’t Glorify Violence [PHOTOS]

March 23rd, 2012 // 4 Comments

Amandla Stenberg stood like Thumbellina in between Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Ludwig Barnes & Noble last night (March 22nd) in Los Angeles.  The co-stars were at The Grove to celebrate today’s release of The Hunger Games,

Hemsworth explained to the Washington Post that Games doesn’t glorify violence, though that is a very big part of the film.  “It’s about kids in a horrible situation and there’s this girl who overcomes it and gives hope to everyone and they come together to do something about it,” Hemsworth said.

Are you seeing The Hunger Games this weekend?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. emma

    greeting with hands in the air is like Hitler salute
    is something subliminal
    pay attention not surprising this kind of movement infiltrated in a movie…..!

  2. Marie

    The movie sucked! I suggest people spend the money on the book rather than the movie.. Too many errors.

  3. Liam, Alexander & Amandla Promote 'The Hunger Games'
    The Hunger Games Fan!
    Commented on this photo:

    I Love Amandla Stenberg! Don’t be racist, guys! She’s the sweetest, cutest, and best girl for Rue! I still cried at Rue’s death, black or not. I pictured Rue black the whole time. She was mentioned to have “dark brown hair and skin”. Please treat Amandla better than that! She has every right to be Rue. She’s a way better Rue than you racist people! And, when I saw the movie, she got so into character, you can tell she loves doing this!
    Amandla, I love you. Don’t even read racist comments.

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